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General Questions

How do I search for a specific sex doll type?

What different types of sex dolls do you offer?

Do you carry accessories for my sex doll?

Can I customize a sex doll to my own specifications?

How long will it take to receive my sex doll?

Do you have any sex dolls on sale?

Payment and Delivery

What payment methods do you accept?

How many days before my sex doll is shipped?

How many days will it take to ship my sex doll?

How long does it take to receive sex doll accessories?

Where do you ship and how much are the shipping fees?

Will my sex doll be delivered in discreet packaging?

Is a signature required upon delivery?

How do HUSHDOLL charges appear on my credit card or bank statements?

Maintenance and Care

What is the expected life of my sex doll?

Where can I use my sex doll?

Is my sex doll safe for vaginal, anal, and oral penetration?

Can I have sex with my sex doll in any position that I desire?

Should I remove the clothes before engaging with my sex doll?

How often should I clean my sex doll?

How should I dry my sex doll after cleaning?

Can I change the clothes and apply makeup to my sex doll?

How do I clean the hair of my sex doll?

How much can I abuse my sex doll?

How should I store my sex doll when not in use?

Returns and Support

Can I return my sex doll?

Is a warranty available for my sex doll?

How do I reach customer support?

What languages does the HUSHDOLL team speak?