Our Story

Hi there!

We are Brandon and Marisa Leon, a happily married couple with a passion for life and an insatiable thirst for adventure. We have always believed that healthy sex is vital to a balanced life. We wanted to deliver a product that provided the ultimate sex toy experience - beyond the vibrators, Fleshlights, and blow up dolls that flooded the market. The result was a lifelike, ultra-soft, sex doll with every perfect curve and jiggle to trigger your animalistic instincts.

With other sex dolls on the market priced at $5,000 and up, our challenge was to deliver a high-quality product at a price that was reasonable to most customers. After several years of research and trial-and-error, we are proud to offer the ultimate sex doll experience at a price that won’t break the bank.

HUSHDOLL is a safe, no-strings-attached alternative to your threesome fantasy. She is available at anytime for the busy, working professional. She is tailored perfectly to satisfy the needs of the sexually-charged man or woman.

We hope our products make you happy.
Brandon and Marisa Leon