The Stud

The Stud male sex doll is what dreams are made of. He has that cool, calm, alpha confidence that drives us absolutely nuts. He stands 5’3” tall and weighs 72...

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The Stud male sex doll is what dreams are made of. He has that cool, calm, alpha confidence that drives us absolutely nuts. He stands 5’3” tall and weighs 72 lbs.

  • Standard Size: 5’3” tall and 72 lbs
  • Penis: Large and thick
  • Fit Booty: Firm and round
  • Hair and Eyes: Dirty Auburn and Dream Blue Eyes
  • Penis, Anus and Mouth: Human-like detail



The well-endowed length and meaty girth of The Stud’s cock will leave you captivated. His cock is rock-hard and beautifully shaped. His soft skin and bulging veins will hit the perfect spot to drive you wild.


A playful slap to his perfect, athletic butt will send primal surges through your body. Your point-of-view from behind him will blow your mind. Whether you slap it, grab it, or bite it, The Stud will happily take what you can give him.

Face and Hair:

Admiring his handsome face will disconnect you from reality. It’s easy to get lost when you gaze into his Dreamy Blue eyes. His bedroom eyes are a perfect compliment to his soft Dirty Auburn hair.

His lips are beautifully shaped, soft and supple, and perfect for biting and sucking. He is the quiet type and prefers to use his mouth for other purposes.

Penis, Anus, and Mouth

His penis, anus, and mouth are textured and ribbed with maximum attention to detail to deliver sensation and pleasure that rivals the human experience. Unlike many other men, he will exceed your expectations. The only question is whether or not you have the stamina to last with him.


His realistic skin is sun-kissed bronze in color and soft to the touch. Skin is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which emulates the softness and elasticity of human skin. Our TPE is recyclable, waterproof and hypoallergenic. Learn more about the human-like skin of our male sex dolls here.


Fully articulated, aircraft grade metal skeleton. He has human-like joints and mobility. His frame is tough as nails so he can go hours in missionary, doggy, cowgirl, or any unspeakable positions your heart desires. Learn more about our posable, high-grade male sex doll skeletons here.

Aircraft-grade Metal Skeleton

High-quality durable metal frame is sturdy and withstand a reasonable amount of force

Human-like Joints

Highly poseable joints for natural articulation and positioning like a real human

Realistic Skin

Medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomer emulates natural soft skin and realistic bounce

Textured Vagina Insert

Vagina is textured to feel better than the real thing and removeable for easy cleaning

  Height Weight Vaginal
Oral Depth Measurements Bra Size
4'7" 48.9 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 29-20-29" 30A
4'7" 51 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 29-19-29" 26D
5'1" 57.5 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 25-16-30" 30A
5'1" 62 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 33-16-30" 28DD
5'1" 64 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 28-23-31" C
5'2" 62 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 34-24-33” D
5'3" 86 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 34-24-34” D
5'5" 68 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 34-24-35” K
5'6" 62 lbs 6.7" 6.7" 5.1" 27-21-28” A

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